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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bat. this is what we know, police are vetting a stabbing after a big fight in east san jose near the airport with three men stabbed and two others beaten with a bat or stick at 10:45 last night. lieutenant dwyer broke it down. >> we know who groups were in a large fight with several weapons involved. we do know note if both sides had weapons but both sides had injuries. all five were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. investigators are not sure what started the fight. right now, san jose police are asking anyone who may have seen anything contact the san jose police department.
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in san francisco, investigators believe there could be more rims of a local college professor who was arrested pore peeping on a dozen studs. 38-year-old mark landis is charged. the prosecutors say he invited several former and current san francisco students to his home in the castro district and one used the bathroom and found a hidden camera in a tissue box. the video shows the 15 male and female students ewing the restroom. anyone who may have been victimized should come forward. amy hollyfield will have a full report at 5:00. the crash of algerian passenger plane and the president of france says there are no survivors and one black box has been found. the plane took off from the west african nation of
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>> this is the third international aviation disaster if a week and leaders are concerned. they will gather in canada to begin discussions on addressing safety and security. malaysian airlines yet was shot down over use crane with 298 people. three days ago a transasia airway plane crashed off the coast of taiwan claiming 48. in the middle east, israeli bombers hit 45 homes in gaza killing the leader of a military jihad group and two of his sons. this is after a bloody thursday where 119 palestinians were killed bringing the total to how in the 18-day war. israel has lost 32 soldiers and
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two fans. negotiators in egypt including secretary of state john kerry say they could be close to a week-long humanitarian cease-fire between the two sides. locally, protests were heated in the south bay. >> this is not a friendly meeting of the mines. israelis and palestinians gathered to get each of their messages across. >> stand up against those who call for the destruction of our country. >> they are at odds and both have candles, signs and senior row for the lost lives but both claim the other for the death and destruction. >> our tax dollars are paying for the violence. it has to stop. this is no justification. >> israel takes extraordinary measures to protect the hives of
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the lanes. it is hamas that places the innocent civilians in the line of fire. >> palo alto watched the group closely. in san jose --. snows peace flowing ♪ >> they honored those who have died. >> this is not about government or politics or religion but those who is lost their lives. in a new campaign with a catchy slogan "brown is the new green," the idea is to encourage san jose residents to reduce watering and let the browns go brown. with proper watering and maintenance, a lawn can survive the drought. the district officials say 18,000 gallons of water are used a year for a lawn and summer water use is 60 percent higher
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with the lawn being the biggest water drain for homes. >> the weather is heating up and two popular east bay swimming holes are closed in oakland because of a high level of toxins, one is off limits. there is a rare algae bloom. another is closed because high levels of e. coli. too many geese are using the beach as a toy health. there no timetable for re-opening of either beach. >> the reward to bring in the fourth suspect in a provide length bank robbery has been upped to $50,000. two bank robbers and a hostage were killed when the suspects were in a shoot out with police. another suspect survived and has been arrested. misty holt-singh, mother of two, was shot and killed when the surviving suspect used her as a human shield. her sister is begging for help. >> i am making a three to everyone in stockton: step
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forward with any built of any information that will write these criminals down. take our city back. >> investigators say the other suspect dropped off the three bank robbers before driving away in a black 1997 buick sentry. they believe someone in the community knows who that driver is. in ran, hundreds of workers at two macy's stories will strike with union members rejecting a contract proposal last night and authorized a strike at macy's union square and galleria shopping center. workers do not like the plan of capping commissions and eliminating commissions for new hires. this is not the same thing as a strike with an authorization, they could reach a deal. >> embarcadero could have a makeover. the three mile stretch of sidewalk and bicycle lanes is
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too crowded and unsafe and it will only get worse. the municipal transportation agency hopes to separate motorcycles and pedestrians to give everyone more space. there is no specific plan in place but the first of many community meetings was held yesterday. >> the embarcadero could be the cooler place to exercise today. mike? >> but it will still be warm pushing the low-to-mid 80's across the embarcadero. if you are headed to the benches, temperatures are still warmer than they should be. 60 at bodega bay. san francisco is 62. 61 at half moon bay and 62 at monterey bay. not warm but five degrees higher than we should be to nearly eight degrees. we will talk about what will happen as we head throughout the morning hours, we are in the upper 50's to low 60's in most areas in san francisco through the ferry building at 60 degrees and same thing in the financial district. 59 right new in palo alto and 54 in american canyon and petaluma
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and 50 at half moon bay, everyone else in the 60's to 70 degrees in pittsburg. from sutro tower the air is clean and as we head through the day ozone could build in the santa clara valleys the 7th summer "spare the air" alert. 60's throughout the morning and fewer clouds and we will be nearly 70 and 80 and 90 at the coast and bay and inland. we will warm quickly with triple digits inland and mid-80's at the bay and mild to warm at 7:00 and 66 at the coast and 74 everyone at bay and 88, still, inland. we have a lot of events around the bay area this weekend including the garlic festival and the san francisco marathon. it will be take place throughout
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san francisco along the embarcadero through the presidio and the golden gate bridge and also through the sunset and along market street. we are going to see massive street closings starting at midnight on sunday into the early afternoon hours so land ahead for that. we will take a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza and see how it is moving along from emeryville. it is still quiet. the cashpayers are moving into san francisco and everyone else is smooth. a critical part of california's high-speed rail system clears the big legal challenge and what it will mean for the bay area. the border crisis gets new attention in washington with the top leaders that president obama is bringing to the white house for a solution. we have a heat wave this weekend but nothing compared to what folks in
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covering fremont, palo alto,
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north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 4:42. you can see the beautiful bay bridge with the beautiful bay lights. it is serene and cool. the bay area will heat up today. meteorologist mike nicco will have the full forecast in a little bit. >> san francisco muni says light rail service on market street is back to normal after an accident. the car and truck collided on the tracks shortly before 9:30 last night and the track sustained no damage and was cleared in an hour. there were no serious injuries. the high-speed rail route has been approved by the appeals court. bay area cities said this would hurt the environment and the state said it was exempt from the environmental quality act because it is eversoon by the
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federal transportation officials. the court upheld the environmental review but ruled the project must abid by state environmental rules. it will take several months and $3 million to fix several mistakes on the new bay bridge. officials have approved $3 million for repair on the rods that are misaligned and now gas in the system that holds maintenance scaffolding with the work to be completed by the end of the year. testing is ongoing on the steel rods that have failed. most are safe but officials say it is too soon to rule out the possibility that some rods may have for be replaced. in a few hours, president obama will meet with central american leaders to talk of the wave of young immigrants crossing the border with meeting with presidents of guatemala, honduras and el salvador the most try length in the years and 57,000 minors have arrived
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illegally since october l is a campaign to tell central american residents they are not allowed to stay in the united states. foster parents of a ten-month-old baby gill are under scrutiny after leaving her to die in a hot car found yesterday afternoon in kansas. police say the car was parked outside a home in 90-degree weather for two hours and the temperatures could have hit 130 degrees in the first hour. neighbors say the baby was the foster child of two men who live at the home. in airs residents are welcoming a cooling trend this week end after scorching temperatures this week. yesterday, phoenix saw a record high of 116 breaking a record of 114 set eight years ago. yuma was 117, tying a record from 1943. and 40 miles east of yuma reached 120 degree heat.
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excessive heat warning expired last might and meteorologists say the temperatures will take a downturn by the weekend. >> we do not compare to phoenix but we are not used to temperatures this hot. absolutely. that is the key. yesterday we got a taste of it and today we get the we -- nearly record heat. look at the lack of clouds crossing the golden gate bridge. record heat is possible. air quality will be poor. there is the possibility afternoon each throwing humidity in the mix with a monsoon moving toward us by sunday and next week combined with above average temperatures and it could feel oppressive. today we have high pressure to the north and a dry northern wind and that is going to bring sunshine to the coast with a few clouds and that will clear out
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quickly. 100 in gilroy. the warm spot. 91 in santa cruz. mid-to-upper 90's for the rest of the south bay and los gatos nearly 100. low-to-mid 90's throughout the peninsula until milbrae still temperature in the 80's at 88. daility is nearly 80 and 82 in downtown san francisco which is a record. mid-to-upper 90 through the north bay to calistoga 101 at low-to-mid 70's. upper 80's in berkeley and oakland and richmond at possible record of 90. if you did not have the air condition on yesterday it will be hard not to today in the upper 90's in condition -- concord and pleasanton. dodgers are take on the giants. it will start out at 73 and drop
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to 65. the temperatures are like this morning but more cloud cover along the coast spilling into the north bay coastal valleys and across san francisco and upper 50's to middle 60's. the seven-day forecast shows heat returns today with poor air quality in the south bay and cooling we talked about yesterday and a minor sea breeze will develop on saturday with temperature dropping the most there and we will flirt with 100 inland east bay and 60, 80's, and 90's for the prosecute of the forecast temperatures above average through thursday. leyla gulen? we have a big game that leaves memorial stadium and it is going to be the two soccer teams that take each other on, on saturday, so we will have street closings and traffic in the area so be advised. if you do not have to be in the area, avoid that.
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traffic over the golden gate bridge, ten minutes to head from the waldo tunnel interest san francisco and along the bay bridge, westbound, eight minutes in the san mateo bridge is it will minutes but so far we are light and do not have any accidents to report but we have construction with more on that and the south bay commute in a few minutes. caltran is ready to plant the last of the palm trees on the east side of the bay bridge^. this will be planted: crews uprooted the 17' palm that weighs 11 tons. a total of 33 trees will decorate the bridge. scan is trucking in drinkable water to irrigate the trees but with the drought that will change, by mid-augusta new irrigation system will be using reclaimed water. the battle against breast cancer could turn to the dark
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side. the inpresident obamaing new study that can give women a new treatment option. >> battle to a popular beach is taking a new turn. what they did on the field wowed the crowds but off the we field, the ohio state marching band is looking for a new leader this
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>> good morning at 4:51 on friday on the eastern span crossing the bay bridge with tail lights still light. everyone will be warm on both sides of the bay. meteorologist mike nicco has the heat wave ahead. >> the coastal commission wants the public to weigh in about how they use martin's beach near half moon bay. the court battle continues over a private road to the beach. the commission officials say if the online stories show that
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people been using the private road as if it were public for the last five years it could stay open. venture capitalist who owns the road is fighting to preserve his rights as a property owner. we post add link to the commission site on ours at passengers flying from sfo have another option, turkish airlines will begin nonstop service from sfo to turkey nonstop on a being starting next april and will fly five day as week to start. this is after early word this month that there will be nonstop service from san francisco to to abu dabai. >> the great bull run is tomorrow morning on racetrack at alameda county fair grounds in pleasanton and this is video from a similar event in virginia
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they will try to dodge 18, 1,500 pound balls. tickets are $75. peta tried to stop this but it is going on. >> catch a bullhorn in the back. that sundays like fun. >> wear red. you are dressed appropriately. good morning, everyone, 83 in lake tahoe with sunshine and nearly 100 in yosemite and low 100's in the centrallially. 109 in palm springs. at home, santa rosa at the fair 82 when they open at 11 o'clock and 96 at 3:00. still warm and 84 at 3:00 and school when we close. gilroy will warm to 92 and at 4:00 nearly 100.
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86 by the ending. hanging around on saturday and sunday we will still be in the mid-90's. friday light? a stall eastbound side of 80 at the cartinez, watch out. if you are taking bart, 30 trains are running on time and ace train one is four minutes late. in gilroy, the garlic festival will be a scorcher. it will be a lot of fun and tasty. as we look it will be crowded from 10:00 to 7:00 today through sunday so man ahead. the san mateo bridge shows the drive from hayward quiet and accident free. thank you. east bay soccer coach is facing charges he sexually assaulted a ten-year-old girl, 26-year-old we man was arraigned. he did not enter a plea.
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he was a coach during a soccer camp this week. he was arrested for committing lewd acts on a child younger than 14. he has been ordered to stay away from the facility. he is out of yale on bail and is due back in court august 25. >> a ohio state band is marching on without the director. beyond than waters was fired over allegations toxic and sexually charged culture with students pressured to march in their underwear, sing lewd songs and perform sexually themed stunts to earn a nickname. the attorney says his client did nothing wrong and claims much of the behavior existed before he took the job less than two years ago. the shows remain considered revolutionary and drawn millions viewers. stockton authorities have an arrest warrant for a man who has not commit add crime but is a public danger because he could have contagious tuberculosis.
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he skipped out on medical treatment and officials are concerned because the tuberculosis could flare-up and infect other people even if found he refuses treatment officials can contain him so he does not harm anyone. >> a study suggests a dark bedroom could have something to do with breast cancer treatment. animal testing shows keeping a light on at night could lead to tumors becoming resistant to cancer drug that is used. low levels make the drugs not working. the study shows that the light affected sleep hormone which am federalled the cancer cell function. the findings are intriguing but not proven to work on people. >> massachusetts boy with a rare inoperable brain tumor is six today and he is getting the gift he wanted. and then some. these are a few of the thousands
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of birthday cards sent to the boy. nothing makes danny feel better than a card with his name on it and he told his mom, that is what he wanted. the word got out and birthday carts started arriving from aruba and afghanistan. last count more than 15,000 cards have been sent to danny. he may not be able to open them all before his next brought. he will have to wait and slowly work through it all. the future of medical marijuana clubs in parts of santa clara county could be going up in smoke. drastic action built leaders are considering. >> san francisco professor students trusted is accused of of perversion and breaking of the trust. >> could israel and gaza be ready to
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on friday. thanks pore joining us at 5:00. we want to send it over to the very hot meteorologist mike nicco. >> i'm sorry, i meant "hot" forecast. >> i understand, you saw the forecast is going to be 100. hot. later today. try to find air conditioning. maybe this is a good movie. six miles per hour in fairfield and eight at sfo and three at half moon bay. everyone else is calm this morning. nice to have you here, katie ka.


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